Here's what you can expect when you visit Galatia Church

At Galatia Church you can expect a traditional, "old school." kind of worship service. Our praise band is still a piano, and we still use hymnals.

The service lasts a little more than an hour. The sermon is usually about half of that time.

Dress comfortably. There's no need for a coat and tie, or a Sunday dress unless those are comfortable for you.

Expect an opportunity for prayer. Our worship service includes several prayers, But our pastor, and many of the elders are available to pray with you personally if you would like.

You can sing loud, even if you can't sing well. Music and song is a joyous expression of worship to God. And the classic hymns of the Church are a rich source of that expression.

But most of all, you can expect to be welcomed by a warm and friendly small church family; it's another way we're sort of "old school."