Mission Statement


We believe that Almighty God has called Galatia Evangelical Presbyterian Church and its members to a life of worship, service, and fellowship in the name of Jesus Christ, Who is the Head of the Church Universal. We believe that God the Father has given all power and authority to Jesus Christ His only begotten Son and that by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ we are individually and corporately called to do the work of the Church, which is the Body of Christ. 


Realizing that we are sinners, saved by God's grace alone in Jesus Christ our Lord, we believe that our primary mission at Galatia EPC is to tell the Good News of the Gospel leading others to repentance, salvation, and new life as grateful disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that our worship, fellowship, and service should be a joyous celebration of the presence of our living God in the Church and an exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world. 


We believe that God's Holy Word is the Truth and that Jesus Christ is the embodiment of that Truth. We believe that we are called to stand firm in that Truth as we participate in God's activity in the world ministering to the needs of others and engaging in the struggle for freedom from sin, fear, oppression, hunger, and injustice. We believe that our participation in this mission begins in our own neighborhood and extends as far as the Holy Spirit leads us, even to the ends of the earth. 


We believe that we are called to undertake the mission of the Church even at the risk of persecution, knowing that God alone is the author and giver of life. We believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are called to live our lives in such a way as to point beyond ourselves to the new reality in Jesus Christ. 


Our invitation to anyone who will, is to come join us in our fellowship as we seek in the power of the Holy Spirit to live as Christ in the world.