Church and Pavillion

BUILDING USE POLICY for Galatia Evangelical Presbyterian Church


In this policy statement, the following definitions shall apply:


“Church” shall refer to Galatia Evangelical Presbyterian Church,


“Church Facilities” shall refer to Galatia EPC’s church premises on Gala Loop Road, including but not limited to the sanctuary, classrooms, church grounds, basement, kitchen, and picnic shelter.


The Church is a Christian institution that exists to nurture the body of Christ, to glorify God, and to minister to the community.  The Church desires that its Church Facilities be used for the fellowship of the Body of Christ, to God’s glory and for the furtherance of the Christian ministry of the Church. Members of the public may enter and worship, seek spiritual counsel, and avail themselves of our services.


However, the Church Facilities are not a place of public accommodation.  The Church Facilities may be made available to approved individuals and/or groups in a spirit of Christian charity and as a furtherance of the ministry and outreach of the Church. 


The Session has the sole discretion to determine if a person or group’s use is within the scope of the Church’s mission, and whether to permit such use. Permitting an instance of use outside the scope of the Church’s mission does not amount to an endorsement of that use or activity, nor is it a waiver of the Session’s right to determine future use.






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